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If you ever tag my original art as your ocs or other characters, please reconsider your choices and please don’t do it because it’s rude as fuck.

I’ve had Isla floating around my head for a while but I’ve never gotten a grasp on her face. She’s known pretty much as a sort of blood knight in Summer Reign. The queen of the West kingdom and a very aggressive military leader.

Trying out that near-1-pixel-brush technique again for my lines. I’m not too fond of it because if I want it to look good I have to spend a lot of time on my lines, and I prefer having thicker lines anyway.


for esp >:)

Hahaha how long can I procrastinate in starting my own webcomic.

Thinking of Summer Reign stuff.

Trying to be productive. Fish is my ele salad and he’s aquatic based. He has webbed hands and feet and is speckled all over with gold like a fancy skelk. 

I have not drawn anything the past few days because I have no patience for lineart but I rely on lineart to make pictures look finished.

lineart more like loud grumbling


tyrone’s mom C: taught him thief techniques so he could always get himself out of a tight spot