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I might do a clothing design stream later this week. I’m not 100% satisfied by what my ocs wear and it’ll probably be me throwing designs around.

I might design stuff for other people’s ocs, but it’d be more like me drawing clothing ideas on top of other people’s oc art because I’m lazy and drawing full body art is beyond me.

How the fuck does Fish get anywhere in the world he dresses like some Dr. Who loser.

I made a triangle brush for myself and I tested it out on swan Fish.

Pain is having ocs with friends and making aus for the ocs and then liking the aus so much that you’re not sure how to balance the original story and the au.

Talking with Ron about monster stuff and we decided that Fish would be a swan maiden and Andre would be a big bad wolf. And they’re murder partners, again.

I’m too lazy to draw but I have ideas so I decided to scribble them down. I’ll get back to them later.

Saint City Factions

Here’s a rough idea of the four factions present in Saint City. They’re not fully fleshed out yet but there’s a rough framework of how they all fit together.

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GW2 draws

the second one i’m gonna color today in a stream most likely

oh no my babiiiiiessssssssss ;n; This is SO CUTE omggggggg thank you!

Tons of thanks for Dem and their Bebe for getting Mrstevens and my necromancer and mesmer through a whole ton of shit in gw2.

Ron and I have been working on a world/story/rp type thing that we call Saint City. It’s pretty much Ron’s idea and I just throw things into it and see how many ideas of mine Ron can tolerate. The following information is not necessarily accurate to Ron’s vision of the world since it’s what I’ve gotten from what we’ve talked about.

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