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Trying to draw today and my hands are like no.

I have an outfit design in mind for Palmier but noooooo just can’t draw it today. I’m so mad.

Name one thing you really enjoy about how I portray my character.

ocs are ruining my life

Can you tell how lazy I was with this.

Why are your OCs all so hot?!

I’m suddenly in a very Palmier and Duarte and any-oc-but-Fish sorta mood so therefore I’m refining their designs while I’m in this jam.


swapping armors for fun and profit :’) 


I am too lazy to finish this

spicy big dad.

A portrait Éliane keeps of herself so that she can marvel over her own youthful beauty/it probably works like the portrait from dorian gray.

Holy shit. I had to wipe everything and roll my computer back to a previous backup. I’m back for now.