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Mrstevens has an adorable mushroom Sylvari named Velvell.

I updated to the new Skype and it’s slowing my computer down, so I won’t be on Skype tonight. Sorry to all my friends.

Drawing other people’s ocs means I ask them to write a twelve page paper about the oc and then ask them to send every tiny little detail along with the paper.

I must know everything.

Meanwhile I’ve gone through three armor sets and I’ve finally gotten one that matches Palmier nicely.


so I spent the majority of today working on this outfit now that i’m lvl 80 and I’m so proud, so proud

The winner of the art giveaway is Deerdem! I’ll be contacting you shortly.

My Sylvari rejects the Wyld Hunt and the Ventari Tablet because he believes Sylvari were never given a choice in accepting them or not, and the Wyld Hunt is essentially a way of making mindless soldiers do something they themselves don’t understand.


Art giveaway time!

I’ve reached 300 followers and this is the first time doing an art giveaway as a thank you to all of my followers.


1. Only one reblog, one like each. That will count as two. No giveaway blogs.
2. Must be following me.
3. Must have your ask/submit open so that I can contact you for details later.

Winner Receives:

1. A colored drawing of any oc/fandom stuff they want. I will draw up to two characters in something around this style: X | X | X

1. No porn.
2. No extreme gore (I will draw blood and minor cuts, but I will not draw extensive gore).
3. I require a (preferably colored) ref if I am drawing an oc.
4. No mechas/robots. If you really want a robot, I can try, but it’ll probably come out looking like a trashcan.


2. A fully designed outfit for an oc. Additional examples: X | X | X | X | X

1. I will only design outfits for ocs.
2. I require a fully colored ref of the oc and a general description of the oc (personality, what colors they’d usually wear, what sort of setting they’re in, etc.)
3. The outfit design can be used in anything, but credit must be given to me.

The winner can decide if they want a colored drawing or an outfit design, but they cannot choose both.

Giveaway ends July 22, 2014.

Powered hitman for Ron’s world. His name is Jayson Tabor and he’s an aging hitman who’s slowly becoming lazier and lazier in his jobs so now he’s in danger of getting caught because he’s just old and lazy.

I made Fish a Sylvari in GW2. He’s a pond Sylvari who lurks in dark water and likes to scare people by glowing ominously and staring at them with soulless eyes.